Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Whatcha Say?

Wow, getting up at 5:30 to workout has proven harder than I knew it would be. So far this week, I've gotten up, but no exercise. Baby steps, mama, baby steps. Kate is currently waking up right now. I can hear her in her crib, "uh oh", like she's calling me out for failing to even attempt to exercise this morning.

But she's not always so judgmental. Kate has been spouting out a lot of new words lately. We don't always understand them but she still lets us know what she thinks. She babbles the typical things: mama, dada, yes, no, baby, mmmm, and other gibberish.

But she also has some more specific words.

If she wants to watch TV she'll sing "Uh oh, oh no", the beginning of a Freshbeat Band song.
She chases after Grover, or "grogah".
She'll ask for a "nana" if she's hungry.
Every photo of a kid is "JJ" (her cousin)
And, the phrase she's been jumbling for a while, "whaissis?" (What is this?)

She likes playing peek-a-boo, hiding and saying "where is?"

Lately Kate has also been repeating words: shoes, go go go, oh no, here, and trying to mimic a cat's meow and a dog's woof.

So maybe tomorrow i'll finally get up and get moving, or maybe I'll change up my plan. Either way I know Kate will be there to call me out or maybe even cheer me on... Haha yeah right...
What are your kids saying? Link up below.

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  1. I love the first words and when babies begin saying more than one word together.

    And now I have the freshbeat band theme stuck in my head. :)



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