Friday, May 24, 2013

Five on Friday

1. Kate has Roseola. It sounds worse than it actually is, but I didn't know she had it until yesterday. She had been tired, but not sleeping like usual (5:30 makes sense now), and kept feeling warm. We took her temp on Sunday and it was 102 under her arm. I freaked out and took her to RightTime care. The conclusion there was that she had a virus, give her Tylenol for 2-3 days, schedule a follow up with her pediatrician. Before her follow up, she was feeling better, no fever, but had a rash from her neck to her chest. Yup Roseola. She'll be fine in a couple more days.

2. I finally started sewing Kate's quilt. I'm using my mom's serger to help me keep a straight line. I am horrible at guiding the fabric through a sewing machine, but a serger does that for me. I just have to keep it from bunching or sliding off. It is so much quicker and easier. I've been able to get a row or two done when I go to pick Kate up in the afternoons.

 I finally finished them today, but now I have to iron and sew the rows together.

3. I need a coffee pot with an auto-off. I have left it on all day twice in the past week. I've been looking into models with a programmable start time as well. I just don't know if Ill wait until our current pot dies, or just o ahead and order a new one. What I do know is coming home to the burnt smell of coffee sucks.

4. I am so done with this school year. Our curriculum is divided into 9 weeks. Next week is week 9, but we still have two more weeks, ugh. But, finally Memorial Day is here! Our only day off in May, and Adam is actually home this weekend. I'm looking forward to family time, yard sale-ing, grilling, and other summery things.

5. Stupid weight keeps fluctuating! I had lost all pregnancy weight, then gained 10 lbs back. I've been trying to be very conscious of what I eat, logging everything into myfitnesspal, and not become obsessed with the scale. But it's hard to not obsess, especially when  the numbers go up and down by 3 within a few days. I know, only weigh yourself once a week. I know, weight will change throughout the day. I just want to stay consistent or lose. It's really hard to see the numbers go up.  Currently I'm down, hopefully this weekend won't ruin it.

So those are the top 5 things on my mind this week. What about you?


  1. Praying for Kate and your family :). That blanket is so cute!

    1. Thanks, Lisa. She seems to be feeling much better, though still a little sleepy).


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