Saturday, May 25, 2013

Things I Thought I Wouldn't Need....

...but I use everyday.

When we were registering for baby stybs, there were a couple things I thought would be unnecessary to have. After bring Kate home, however, I had to make some last minute orders on Amazon to help us out.

Monitor white noise machine changing pad Image Map

1. baby monitor. Our house is old, you can hear everything, so why would we need a monitor? Well, you do hear everything... if you're on the same level. In the basement or even outside, I need the monitor to hear when Kate wakes up from her nap.

2. white noise. Kate was such a bad napper when she was a couple months old. I had seen people commenting on how white noise helped their babies, so I got the giraffe. It's cute, Kate still likes to snuggle it  in her crib, and for a while, the only way to get her to nap was to lay the giraffe across her tummy.

3. changing pad. This is the item that I thought was pointless and a waste of money. Oh how wrong I was. Every diaper change I had ever done had been on the carpet. Well, I was recovering from a c-section and bending over wasn't the best idea for me. Plus, middle of the night changes require some concentration and time efficiency, so when she was getting too big to leave the waterproof pad in her pack-n-play while she slept, I knew it was time to get a real changing pad.

What are some must-haves that you didn't think were necessary?

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