Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding Out

Sunday July 31

I'm not going to lie. We've been trying for a baby for a few months (off the pill in Dec, pulled the goalie in Apr) in the hopes that I'll get pregnant soon and end up with an April/ May baby. It would be perfect for getting my 6 weeks maternity leave and then the rest of summer vacation too. I had planned on testing the first day of August, but after I got home from a week at the beach with my mom and sister (who kept asking if I was preggo) I decided to test that first morning back. I used a dollar store test and walked away to make coffee. I kept telling myself I wasn't preggo, all my symptoms are just because I am getting my period soon, it's going to be negative.

Then I saw the stick...

Not just one dark line like usual, but another lighter line! WHAT?! really? I didn't know what to think. So I pulled out a digital test (expecting that to say 'not pregnant', because they aren't as sensitive, and because I still didn't trust the dollar store test) and a few minutes later it said "pregnant"!

Adam was sleeping but I woke him up anyway. I said I had a surprise, and after telling him I took a test he said "I knew it". That was it. No other reaction. He was sleeping after all. And now he has fun calling me preggers and talking about being 'plump with his seed' (stemming from a FML joke). So now I wait to call the doctor and find out the due date (according to the Bump, it will be April 2) and once we hear the heartbeat we will tell our parents.

Tuesday August 2

I had my first Doctor's appointment today. I was surprised I got one so early/so soon. I heard about people having to wait until week 8, and I'm only in week 5. But I guess it was just to confirm the pregnancy, since I didn't go to my general doctor's office to get a confirmation. What surprised me even more was after I met with the doctor and she told me everything was looking normal as far as timing and symptoms and that I could come in next week for a sonogram of the heart beat! WHAT?! This is way sooner than I thought it would be. Adam was even surprised when I told him I scheduled the appointment (the last one in the day) for next Thursday.
Baby Stybs' current size: Poppyseed!

On a side note, I have put my weight loss on hold. I changed my goal from losing weight to maintaining it and I feel like I have an enormous amount of calories to eat now! I'm trying to eat as healthfully as possible, and know I will feel the sting when I start gaining weight, but it's all for the baby! I'm hoping to track my belly growth like this (which I found via pinterest).
(click to enlarge)
I'm hoping to wear the same dress in each picture, but may not take one every week. Most likely it will be once a month.

Thursday August 11

Today was my first ultrasound. I figured it would be transvaginal (sorry if TMI) so Adam decided to spare himself and not come. Well my experience was not what I expected. Why ask you to come 15 minutes early for your appointment (that was moved up to 1:50 from 3:40) and then make you wait an additional 20 minutes? And after waiting I was seen by the technician, who was not personable at all. She didn't explain what was going on, shoved the camera on up, click click click, still no explanation. All I saw on the screen was a black blob. I was kind of worried until she clicked on the sound and I could hear the heartbeat. If only for 30 seconds, it was completely worth it. Now it feels real. There is a little baby growing inside me.
Baby Stybs- 6 weeks, 1 day
Now we have to decide when to tell our parents. We are having dinner with my parents tomorrow, so I want to tell them. But Adam wants to tell the parents together, though he doesn't know when we can get together with his parents. I really want to start telling family/close friends because I just can't keep it in! We are going to talk more about it tomorrow. I hope Adam agrees that we can tell.
Baby Stybs' current size: Sweet Pea

Friday August 19

We told our parents last Friday. Adam called his mom on the way home from work, and we told my parents after dinner. Everyone is so excited. And while we were going to keep it just between us for now Adam's mom told one of her friends and my mom told a coworker because they are both so happy and excited. Adam and I talked tonight about when to tell other family members and close friends. I thought that since we had our next appointment a week from Tuesday (which I think I need to reschedule because it is the second day of school- oops) that I would be 9 weeks (or 10 if I reschedule for the following week) and that's not too far off from the end of the first trimester (when he wanted to tell people). Then we got into a discussion of 'why wait?' and 'it would be easier at work' and 'all different reasons for telling or not telling' etc...

We decided to go for it and tell family and close friends. The first call I made was to my sister. I asked her about the jewelry party coming up, then told her she could bring the glider down if she wanted (she had offered it a few weeks ago). All she said was "I don't think we're bringing the truck" and was completely oblivious to why I was asking her for it. I even said "you're not going to ask me why I'm asking about it?" Then she got it. She said she had a feeling but didn't want to text me or bother me. Which is funny because she texted me the day after I found out saying she had a dream I was pregnant with twins! So she is excited. And we plan on telling the rest of the family at my Grandmother's birthday party next Saturday. I'll also start telling friends this weekend and at school on Monday.
Baby Stybs' current size: Blueberry

Friday September 9

Today was my first OB appointment. I was really looking forward to this appointment because the receptionist said to bring Adam and it would be the longest appointment. I was hoping to get another sonogram, but sadly it was basically just a physical. Bummer. Double bummer for Adam who sat through the exam and got to watch the doctor who delivered me 26 years ago 'grope me'. But the doctor says everything is looking good so that's all that matters.
Baby Stybs' current size: Prune

As for the body changes:
Cravings: Root beer. I never really liked it before (i would drink birch beer every now and then) but now I can't get enough. It's just so good!
Aversions: Coffee- walking into Starbucks makes me want to gag. Ice cream- Why, oh why, do I not want to eat ice cream? I thought I would get a 9 month pass to eat as much Ben&Jerry's as I wanted!
Weight: Considering the bloated belly I currently have I was surprised to see no change.
Morning Sickness: None. Thank God! I have learned to not have liquids first thing in the morning (b/c they will just come right back up) but I've been feeling good.
Energy: Soooo tired. Beyond my normal tired level. All I want to do is sleep.

And now for the (still invisible when clothed) bump:

Friday October 7

Hello Second Trimester! I can't believe it's here. And baby Stybs is the size of a lemon! That's a long way from the poppy seeds when we first found out! I went in for a brief check-up today and was very disappointed to not get another sonogram, but I did hear the heartbeat and everything is looking/sounding good! And I will get to see the little one at my next appointment in a month.
Baby Stybs' Current Size: Lemon

And now for some updates:
Cravings: None really. The root beer cravings have eased and I only have about 1 a week.
Aversions: Still no coffee or ice cream for me.  I also can't stand the thought of ooey-gooey cheese smothered on anything. *gag* And, weirdly, vegetables. I know I need to eat healthfully but I just don't want veggies and dip or salad or a side of broccoli- plus it upsets my stomach and I burp them all back up.
Weight: +2 lbs. Most clothes still fit

Morning Sickness: still good :) though I've been using Tums to ease the extra acid building up in my stomach after I eat
Energy: Up a bit. I'm still tired in the morning, but as soon  as I get moving I don't lose much energy. I've thought about trying to start working out again, but haven't tried yet.

And take a look at the bump (it's finally beginning to show- if ever so slightly):