Friday, May 16, 2014

Packing For a C-Section

I've tried remembering what I packed for the hospital with Kate and have been searching lists online to get my hospital bag packed. What's different this time around is I'm going in for a scheduled c-section. So I don't feel the rush to get things packed, and I won't need all the extras for the (possible) day of labor confined to a hospital bed.

Currently my bag contains:

  • Going home clothes for me and baby. I stayed in the hospital gowns and Kate was in their wrap shirts and blankets the entire stay.
  • Toiletries. Just some deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, hairbrush, and travel shampoo. 
  • Lansinoh. I didn't need it last time, Kate latched right away with no problem, but you never know- all babies are different.
  • Baby blanket. Kate was swaddled with the hospital's receiving blankets, but those rooms can get cold so we also used the knitted blanket Adam's grandmother made. This time we have one made by my mom.
  • Boppy. I remember using it to prop Kate in my hospital bed, but will definitely be using it for nursing as well this time around.
  • My folder of maternity leave paperwork. A lot has been done already, but there's still a lot to do after baby is born that I can get done while in the hospital.

Things I'll grab the morning of:

  • iPad, phone, camera, and chargers. 
  • Gift for Kate from Alec. I've heard that having the baby give a present to the older sibling when they come to visit at the hospital helps with some of the jealousy they may feel. Alec got Kate a stuffed Mickey Mouse to go with her Minnie.
So that's what I'm packing for my planned delivery. I hope I didn't forget anything, and baby stays put until the scheduled date!

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