Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kate's Name Art

I love painting names for babies' nurseries. I made them for my niece, nephew, and coworker's son. When it came time to make one for my own child I was stumped. I couldn't make it before Kate was born because we didn't know that she would be a she (and in all honesty- had I made it while I was pregnant I would have made "Alec". Yup we thought she was a boy.)
So after seeing something pretty simple on pinterest, I painted 4 canvases in yellow and green stripes. It would serve as the backdrop for either Alec or Kate. They turned out pretty well too; I was very happy with them.
Then Kate was born and I finally added her name to the canvases. The letters were white and didn't stand out that much, so I went for a deep pink/red. Kate loves the high contrast and will stare at the letters, but I wasn't happy. They didn't look like I wanted. I am a perfectionist in a lot of ways, and her name just looked sloppy.

So the weekend she was turning 3 months I finally figured out how I was going to fix it. I was reading her the book "Eric Carle's ABC" and thought how cute it would be to have the letters and picture of the animal to spell out Kate's name. So I scanned the pages (if I had another copy I would just cut the letters out of the book) and Adam cropped them and printed them on cardstock.
But when I started to mod podge the letter to the canvas board the ink started to smear.
I also realized the white background on the white canvas wasn't doing it for me. So I sprayed the letters with a clear coat sealer, and painted the canvas boards in the colors of the letters- Eric Carle style.
 So after Finally finishing this should-have-been-quick project Kate has a cute and animal/artsy name piece.
 I hope she likes looking at these letters and animals as much as she liked the high contrast pink on yellow.