Sunday, November 11, 2012

Kate's Playroom

Kate is getting so close to crawling. I encourage her all the time but she just cant go forward. She needed some bigger play space to practice, and to help contain her toys, so we made a really inexpensive 'playroom' for her in the little corner of the basement. This was where my desk moved after we made the nursery and my office was reclaimed as a guest room. But since I don't really need an office, and I usually use the laptop while I sit on the couch, this was the perfect space for Kate.

We got this rug from Ikea and a $5 door mirror from Target. The toys were hand-me-downs or gifts, and we already had the coffee table which will become her coloring/play table when she's able to stand.

It's been great having this space for Kate to play, and not having to worry about cleaning everything up every day. Plus, it'll be able to grow with her and she plays with cars, trains, and blocks. I already have ideas for storing her barbies and other dolls when the time comes.


  1. You have lots of little areas and rooms in your house. It is good you are using every little part.

    1. We try- I noticed that after getting rid of cable tv, and not watching the home improvement shows, I don't wish for bigger/better/improved house. I just want to make what we have work for us.


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