Sunday, January 13, 2013

Birthday Wishlist

Kate's birthday is coming up in 3 short months. I've been gathering ideas for a cupcake-themed party, but I realized the only thing I thought about getting her (or asking for) was her quilt that I would make. So I put together a little wish list of some things she could use.
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1-3: Mega Blocks. After visiting her cousins this weekend and seeing how much fun she had with the mega blocks table, I knew she would be ready for these by her birthday.

4&5: Baby pool and Water Table. The weather will get much warmer after her birthday, and she already loves playing in the water. It's about time she has her own pool and play table.

6&7: non-skid tub mats and drain plug. She is quickly outgrowing her infant/toddler tub but we aren't ready for her to play in a full bathtub just yet. These things will help get our tub ready.

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