Saturday, January 12, 2013

Little Laundry Tip

I don't remember who I heard it from- maybe my sister, maybe someone on TV a long time ago- but ever since we had Kate, and had to wash those tiny clothes, I have been using a little helper.

Baby clothes are cute and tiny, but those socks are even smaller! I didn't want to lose any, or have them get sucked up by the washing machine (or dryer). I had seen using clothespins to clip the pairs of socks together, but that was too tedious for me. Instead I use a lengire bag with a zipper. So all those socks just get thrown in the bag and the bag goes in the washer. I have not lost a sock yet.
Yay for no lost socks!

So while it's not a new or original idea, this tip has made washing Kate's clothes a little bit easier.

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