Saturday, January 12, 2013

Hand-Me-Down Clothes

I am so thankful to have two beautiful nieces that have passed on their adorable clothes to Kate. i had already gone through the piles of clothes and sorted them by size, but they were 12 months +, so they just went into a trash bag and stayed in Kate's closet until I needed them.

Well Kate is officially only wearing 12 month now. She had been in a combo of 9 and 12 mo, but the sleeves and legs were just too short. I packed up the 9 month stuff this morning after trying to re-snap her pajamas and they kept popping open every time she moved a leg.
9 mo on Kate at Christmas. And this is after pulling the sleeves and legs down for the billionth time.

So out went the small, into a box to save for a friend's little one, and in came the big. I re-organized the dresser drawers- one for 12month, another for 18, and two more for 24 and 2T. My oh my do we have a lot of 24/2T! But we are lacking on the 18 month set.
18mo drawer- some PJs, a few shirts, and 3 pants

2 almost full drawers for 24mo/2T. Plus all the dresses hanging in the closet!
So, a question for any mamas reading this, how long will Kate be in 18 month clothes? Should I get a few key pieces and just merge them with the 24month stash? Or will she be in 18 month for a while and need quite a bit more?

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  1. We are on 12 moving to 18 too. But her waist is so tiny I don't think she will be able to hold the 18 month pants up!


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