Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Shower

I had my baby shower this past Sunday at my mom's house. My sister threw the shower with help from my mom and Adam's mom. It was great, I couldn't have asked for anything more. The food was good, people had a good time, the kids were adorable (Kaelyn thought I was "taking a shower at Grandma's") and everyone was beyond generous with their gifts for the baby. I have a million thank you notes to write and send off.

We had a rubber ducky theme. It all started with my mom's idea to make this ducky cake she saw online. From there we had duck pond punch, duck cupcakes, and duck favors.
It was cute, and thankfully not too overboard.

The most emotional part of the day happened before the shower even started. Adam's mom brought down a special present- a blanket, bonnet, bootie, and sweater set his grandmother knitted.
She passed away last year before we were even thinking of getting pregnant.
Adam cried, his mom cried, I cried.
Some people think we should save it for the baby, for when it grows up, as a memento of his/her great grandmother. Adam says we should use it now. That's what it was made for. What use is it going to have if it is just boxed away? It is a very special gift and we will remember her every time we use it.

But on a lighter note...

There were a lot of presents, and thankfully I had some helpers to open them for me. I didn't realize how tired I would get from sitting and opening presents, but it was exhausting.

It was great seeing friends and family. My friend Annie is due two weeks before me with her third baby. She says she feels huge, but I think she looks great!

And at the end of the day, we finally got everything home and loaded into the nursery. I, of course, had to immediately sort through everything and organize the  clothes and assemble the baby gear.
After about 2 hours, the nursery went from this :

To this:

Adam asked if doing that helped my nesting. My answer: not really. I still have the itch to wash all the clothes and blankets, get more clothes and diapers, get the crib from my sister, install the car seat into the car, and about a million other things. But I am feeling a little more prepared to bring this baby home. Even if  I do have 7 more weeks.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

32 weeks

Holy Cow... only 8 weeks to go. The time has flown by.
baby Stybs is actually 4 1/2 lbs!

I went in for my check up yesterday and got a growth sonogram- and a surprise 4D too. I am so thankful my doctor's office is high tech- I lay on the table, with a big 40" tv monitor to watch the ultrasound as the tech does her thing at the computer by the table.  She was able to switch back and forth between the regular sonogram and the 4D. The funniest part was when we were looking at the face on the regular 3D, I saw what looked like a tongue sticking out of baby's mouth a couple times, and switching to 4D we caught it. It is not a pretty picture of the baby but it is so amazing to see the baby acting out and having a little personality in there.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In other news- I was a little worried about my weight this time. Since the check up was only 2 weeks after the last time I was weighed I was scared to see what effect all the ice cream had on me. Last time I gained 2 lbs in 4 weeks, this time it was 2 lbs in 2 weeks. I'm measuring on track and the doctor's haven't said anything, and my mom assures me that  I will gain about a pound a week from here out, so I guess I'm doing alright.

Another reason for excitement- my baby shower is today! I'm excited to see family and friends, and finally feel ready for baby's arrival. I'll definitely post pics later (as long as I can remember to have someone take pics).

And for the updates:
Cravings/Aversions: craving fried food, not liking tomatoes again
Weight: +22 overall
Morning Sickness: all good
Energy: feeling pretty normal, but adding a nap to my daily schedule isn't hurting. Now if only I could get this back pain to stop...