Monday, July 29, 2013


After Adam was so kind as to offer to get up with Kate this weekend, so I could actually sleep in for the first time in over a year, I woke up this morning to Grover- the somewhat forgotten cat/object of Kate's affection- wanting to be fed just before 6. I brushed him off as best I could, then gave in. I didn't want to wake Kate, and luckily for me she is still in her bed. I can hear her, she woke up a little before 7, but I'm in no rush to get her.

I have enjoyed sipping my coffee, checking Facebook and the latest news on my iPad. I remember the luxury of having this time EVERY morning before Kate was born. But I have become a much lighter sleeper now and I hear every little noise Kate makes in her room, even with both doors closed and the box fan on. I was into the habit of getting up to get her as soon as she made a little noise. The only time she spit up as an infant was when I overfed her at night-I heard a noise and automatically got up and fed her. If I had listened and waited, which I eventually learned to do, she would have put herself back to sleep. 

So now, as much as I want to hug her and see that smile, I am waiting until she lets me know I need to come get her. Because, really, I value sleep. And once she is up, my quiet relaxing time is gone. To the park and grocery store we will go. We will read and build (or more likely destroy) blocks. There will be diapers to change and messes to clean up.

I think she has grown bored of the toys in her crib now. I must got and get her banana ("nana") ready.

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  1. I am also reading blogs right now before Maria makes noise. Ha there it is.. Mama :). Its a nice sound though.


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