Sunday, April 20, 2014

She's Two!

I don't know how it happened, but Kate is now two.

We had her birthday party a couple of weekends before her actual birthday because of Adam's schedule. Unfortunately there was a downpour of rain (and some snow!) that weekend so everyone was confined inside of our little house, not able to send the kids out to the backyard to run around. But Kate had fun seeing everyone, playing with the kids, and of course opening presents and eating birthday cake.

Since she is a bit obsessed with Mickey Mouse, we had a Mickey cake, decorated the juice boxes with Mickey stickers, and had a couple Mickey balloons. Then came the Minnie dress, a present from my parents. Kate couldn't have been happier.

As far as what has happened since turning two, well she is definitely testing rules and having meltdowns over silly things. I guess the Terrible Twos really do exist. But I know it all stems from trying to gain more independence so I try not to get frustrated when she is lying on the floor crying or  refusing to take a nap. It is just a phase... "This too shall pass"...

One of her most recent meltdowns was at the doctor's office. She didn't even need a shot, but she wouldn't let the nurse measure her height and that was just the beginning, but I don't need to say anymore. She is growing and her development is great. She is off the charts for height and 95% for weight. Yes, our little monster is a giant.

Happy birthday, Monster!