Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Round 2

This was not my first mother's day. My first Mother's Day was spent in my sister's bedroom tending to a month old infant who did not nap, and I couldn't nurse b/c I had stupidly pumped before leaving and then forgot the milk at home. My gifts from Adam were flowers that died a week earlier and a pint of ice cream that had melted and re-frozen before I even opened it.

This year had to be better.

Thankfully it was. We still spent the day at my sister's, but Kate played with her cousins, chased the dog, and I was able to interact with my family and eat lunch like a normal person.

To top it off, Adam got me the Dyson Animal Complete.

It's not that I expect presents, our anniversary was spent making sushi, which was great. But we didn't celebrate my birthday, it happened to be the same day as my father in law's funeral. So anyway, I was kind of hoping Adam would surprise me for Mother's Day but we picked it out at Sam's Club on Saturday. It is AMAZING. Sure it may be overpriced expensive, but my carpet has never looked so clean.

Hopefully next year will be just as good.

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