Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day

I love snow days. Kate loves the snow. It doesn't matter how long it takes to put on all the gear, or how little time we play outside, she loves it.

Today is a professional 'work from home' day for me and guess what? We are supposed to get 4+ inches of snow. We'll stay inside this morning and if/when the snow starts I'll get Kate bundled up and we'll head out to play.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kate's New Room (sorta)

Kate is out of her crib for good (update to come)! I gave myself winter break to get her sleeping in the bed, so just before Christmas we moved all the furniture around. Between her room and the nursery, we switched the crib, twin bed, glider, and dresser.

So now Kate has the twin bed (for guests, story time, or a sleepy mommy in the mornings), toddler bed that she sleeps in, and a nice play area. We kept the chest of drawers next to her closet. Not much else has changed. We brought in the play rug from the living room and got a shoe rack to hold her puzzles and doll house.

I love that she has so much space to play, and it can all stay organized- which it does (I think Kate is a little OCD like me). I'm sure there will be many more changes to come. Adam wants the kids to share a room at some point, and I think there will be bunk beds involved. But for now (and the next year at least) this is Kate's big girl room.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Holidays

Wasn't Christmas just yesterday? No? Gosh time is going by too quickly...

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at Thanksgiving, but there was good food and the kids had a blast.
I did remember my camera on Christmas, though I didn't get a family photo and it was hard to get a picture of Kate's surprised face when she opened her presents because she made me open  them.
her first present... I think this frustrated her to the point of not wanting to open anymore.

We celebrate Christmas eve at my parents', Christmas day we see Adam's dad and usually go to my grandmother's, then on the weekend we go up to Adam's parents' for brunch. It's a busy few days but I love spending time with our families.

My dad wanted to get a picture of all his grandkids together, and this was the best shot.

I heard Kate say cheese, but I guess that was while she was eating her candy (that I gave her to get her to sit and take a picture).

Kate got lots of  new toys that she was so excited about, but not too many to make our house look like Toys R Us which is a plus. More on how we are organizing her toys later :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I was never good at staying up on New Year's Eve, so being a mom of a toddler currently baking another has moved up my bedtime even earlier.
"You wanted to sleep in? What's that?"

Add to that the sound of a jiggling doorknob at 5am from the munchkin who just woke up... well you get the idea...

It's tradition to make resolutions for the new year and I have always been bad at keeping them. I am going to be more generic this year so I can maybe actually stick with them.

  1. Deliver a healthy baby boy at the end of May, and enjoy my summer home with him.
  2. Get a long term sub for the last few weeks of school, and have a better attitude towards next year's class.
  3. Get Adam an awesome gift for his birthday/father's day.
  4. Go to the beach at least one time.
  5. Take more pictures of the kids (including baby boy's monthly).
  6. Do more crafts with Kate.
So that's my list... a far cry from the 'lose weight' goals I always seemed to set, and fail.