Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Tale of Three Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags... a place to hold a diaper (clean or soiled). Why would I have 3?

Well It was all about finding the right one that worked for me.

When we were registering for BabyStybs, Adam was very involved. We both wanted practical things that could work for a boy or a girl, and for any future kids down the line. I spent hours on Amazon searching for the best deals, with the best reviews, in neutral colors, and Adam would sit with me and go over the available choices and 'approve' the final choice.

In all of this searching we found the DadGear diaper bag. It was what Adam wanted if he was ever going to carry a diaper bag: black, messenger style, and other features that made it 'cooler' than a big old tote bag.
It was $60 and ultimately no one purchased it for us as a gift, so we got it ourselves. It Hd clips to hold it on the stroller, a fold out changing pad, a pocket for baby wipes, bottles, clothes, and everything else.
The problem with this manly bag? It was a bit heavy and bulky for me. Also, once you got the diapers/ bottles in their pockets, the 'big' open pocket couldn't really hold anything. Adam liked it, but really, he only carried the diaper bag maybe twice.

So I switched to my bag.

Before we purchased the Dad Gear bag, I was out shopping with my mom at the Carter's store- looking for gender neutral clothes, but that's another story- and found a bag more my style on clearance.
This, but only the large tote and in tan
For only about $20 or so I got it- it seemed durable, wipeable, and had a lot of space for all that baby stuff you (think you) need. Inside pockets, outside pockets, large open pocket for clothes/blankets/toys/ Kate's lunchbox. It was (and still is) a great choice. But as Kate got older, she needed less 'stuff':  only a couple diapers with some wipes and diaper rash cream, a change of clothes, and a book. This Carter's bag was now a little too big. It took up too much space when going out (either in the stroller basket or under a dining table at a restaurant).

In came option 3. A Scout tote.
The Mini Deano (I think) in a green and white stripe
I was a Christmas give from one of my students, plastic-y fabric that can easily be wiped, and not too big. It holds the essentials and that's it. No unnecessary stuff being carried along 'just in case'. I wish the straps were just a bit longer, but I can't really complain about this bag.

So that is what we are using now. It will probably change whenever baby #2 comes along, and I'm OK with that. I will probably want something with more organizing possibilities that is hands free (like the awesome hostess only gift from 31 that my friend Jen has). Until then, I will use the small tote, and keep the other backups in Kate's closet.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

11 Months

1 month left until her birthday!

Kate is now running around... literally running... well running as much as her chubby little legs can- she still toddles, but is much faster. And she doesn't try to pull off her shoes... all the time. She also loves when you're on the ground with her so she can chase or tackle you and bite your toes.

She had been practicing her "dadada"s and "go"s and "do"s but lately she's squealing high-pitched "ooooh"s. She will still string random sounds together with expression to let you know what she thinks (if only we could understand her).

We have her birthday planned- open house style the Sunday before her birthday. We're having a variety of cupcakes and other finger foods. After that there's just one more picture (on adorable cupcake fabric) and I will attempt her birthday present: a quilt out of all 12 fabrics. I've already started planning what I want to do, how I want to make it, and what other tools I will need. Thankfully my mom is an amazing sewer and can help me :)

Here's to one happy 11 month old!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Onesie to Toddler Shirt

Kate's on the move, making diaper changes a little more difficult. Onesie snaps take time that an active toddler doesn't always want to give.
I decided to extend the life of Kate's cute Valentine's Day outfit by making the onesie into a t-shirt.

It was very easy:
  1. mark and cut the onesie where you want (I tried to keep the shirt as long as I could)
  2. turn it inside out and iron the bottom to make a hem
  3. place fuseable webbing in the hem ( I cut mine in half width-wise so I could keep the hem small)
  4. iron the hem, turn right-side out, and you're done
And yes, Kate has worn it and it still looks good after going through the washer.