Saturday, March 9, 2013

11 Months

1 month left until her birthday!

Kate is now running around... literally running... well running as much as her chubby little legs can- she still toddles, but is much faster. And she doesn't try to pull off her shoes... all the time. She also loves when you're on the ground with her so she can chase or tackle you and bite your toes.

She had been practicing her "dadada"s and "go"s and "do"s but lately she's squealing high-pitched "ooooh"s. She will still string random sounds together with expression to let you know what she thinks (if only we could understand her).

We have her birthday planned- open house style the Sunday before her birthday. We're having a variety of cupcakes and other finger foods. After that there's just one more picture (on adorable cupcake fabric) and I will attempt her birthday present: a quilt out of all 12 fabrics. I've already started planning what I want to do, how I want to make it, and what other tools I will need. Thankfully my mom is an amazing sewer and can help me :)

Here's to one happy 11 month old!

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