Saturday, March 2, 2013

Onesie to Toddler Shirt

Kate's on the move, making diaper changes a little more difficult. Onesie snaps take time that an active toddler doesn't always want to give.
I decided to extend the life of Kate's cute Valentine's Day outfit by making the onesie into a t-shirt.

It was very easy:
  1. mark and cut the onesie where you want (I tried to keep the shirt as long as I could)
  2. turn it inside out and iron the bottom to make a hem
  3. place fuseable webbing in the hem ( I cut mine in half width-wise so I could keep the hem small)
  4. iron the hem, turn right-side out, and you're done
And yes, Kate has worn it and it still looks good after going through the washer.

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