Monday, March 24, 2014

30 Weeks

(A week late because I'm lame and never got around to taking a bump pic)

 10 more weeks until the due date, but with scheduling a c-section nugget will be coming a little bit sooner.

This pregnancy started off the same way as my first: no morning sickness, some acne, and that's all. But slowly over the past 30 weeks I have been experiencing some differences: acne never went away, much more exhausted, sciatic nerve randomly sending shooting pains down my leg, feeling out of breath after walking. And this one is positioned a lot lower, where I feel like I am further along than I really am. My stomach has also been feeling tight, which I later learned were contractions - go figure, I never had a single one during my first pregnancy until I went into labor.
our big boy, measuring almost 2 weeks ahead because of his big head and long legs

I am so ready to have this little boy and be done with this school year, but I know I am only 30 weeks. My coworker delivered her son at 30 weeks and I can't imagine going through that. So I will happily keep him inside for these last 2 months and enjoy time with Kate (before her life gets turned upside-down).