Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Holidays

Wasn't Christmas just yesterday? No? Gosh time is going by too quickly...

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures at Thanksgiving, but there was good food and the kids had a blast.
I did remember my camera on Christmas, though I didn't get a family photo and it was hard to get a picture of Kate's surprised face when she opened her presents because she made me open  them.
her first present... I think this frustrated her to the point of not wanting to open anymore.

We celebrate Christmas eve at my parents', Christmas day we see Adam's dad and usually go to my grandmother's, then on the weekend we go up to Adam's parents' for brunch. It's a busy few days but I love spending time with our families.

My dad wanted to get a picture of all his grandkids together, and this was the best shot.

I heard Kate say cheese, but I guess that was while she was eating her candy (that I gave her to get her to sit and take a picture).

Kate got lots of  new toys that she was so excited about, but not too many to make our house look like Toys R Us which is a plus. More on how we are organizing her toys later :)

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