Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kate's New Room (sorta)

Kate is out of her crib for good (update to come)! I gave myself winter break to get her sleeping in the bed, so just before Christmas we moved all the furniture around. Between her room and the nursery, we switched the crib, twin bed, glider, and dresser.

So now Kate has the twin bed (for guests, story time, or a sleepy mommy in the mornings), toddler bed that she sleeps in, and a nice play area. We kept the chest of drawers next to her closet. Not much else has changed. We brought in the play rug from the living room and got a shoe rack to hold her puzzles and doll house.

I love that she has so much space to play, and it can all stay organized- which it does (I think Kate is a little OCD like me). I'm sure there will be many more changes to come. Adam wants the kids to share a room at some point, and I think there will be bunk beds involved. But for now (and the next year at least) this is Kate's big girl room.

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  1. How cute! Maria got so much for Christmas/Birthday I am still working on organization. It may involve donating more toys.


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