Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

We started Easter 2013 on Friday with egg dying and an egg hunt at my mom's. My sister's kids were there for the fun.
I let Kate dye an egg or two. She just wanted to eat the eggs, drink the dye, and kept sticking her hands in the cups. Her hands were so blue by the end (maybe I should have chosen a different color-like yellow?)
Kate didn't really understand the egg hunt until we were maybe 10 minutes in.  And even then she would just get an egg or two and hold them while she ran around.

Sunday morning, Kate got her first Easter basket. It had gifts from her grandparents and my grandma.

She loves the little green bunny and the book. But she REALLY loved her first chocolate bunny. She didn't know what to do with it so we mimed taking bites and before we knew it the ears were missing.
After a bath and a nap, we got her dressed in her new dress (bargain from Tuesday Morning for only $8!!) and headed back to my parents' house for lunch and some play time with her other cousin.

It was a great weekend, the end of a nice spring break.


  1. Cute! My son totally didn't understand the egg hunt either!

  2. Great first chocolate photos! She us adorable, especially in her dress


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