Saturday, March 10, 2012

It Worked

As we get ready for baby Stybs' arrival (in just over 3 weeks! eek!) I've been washing clothes and sheets,  scoping out my registry, and trying not to buy too much baby stuff.

The nursery has been pretty much set up since my shower and Grover has been checking it out and marking his territory ever since. I was pretty surprised that he hadn't been in the pack-n-play- no sign of cat hair or disturbed blanket- and thought he would leave it alone. Until a couple weeks ago. I was asking Adam if he had seen Grover in it and just as he said 'no' I noticed the blanket was askew. Then I looked in and saw the little orange hairs on the bassinet.

So obviously Grover has been smart enough to only go in the pack-n-play when we aren't home. But I didn't really know what to do.

Last weekend my friend Jen suggested putting foil in it. I thought Grover would like the crinkly sound and it would encourage him to play in there, but she said cat's don't like the feel of the foil. What the heck, why not? I lined the pack-n-play with foil that weekend.

I haven't noticed anything since then - no hairs, no paw prints- and thought maybe Grover was over it and wouldn't try to sleep in it again (I mean he has other beds, couches, and chairs to sleep in all over the house).
Then this morning as I'm lying in bed I hear the foil crinkle and then see (and hear) Grover sprint out of the nursery. The foil worked!

Grover flipped out when he jumped in the pack-n-play. Hopefully he won't be back.Thanks for the suggestion Jen!


  1. Our cat used to sleep on the changing table...but usually stayed far away from the babies. Once there is a baby in there I'm sure the cat will find a new place to sleep;)

    Enjoy the next few weeks:) So exciting! I've got 2 boys, 5 and 7 years old. Boy do they grow fast!

    1. he hasn't been in the pack n play again, but is still jumping on the dressers. I just hope he's ok when we bring the baby home.


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