Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Little Monster

I don't remember how the nickname started (maybe with the shark hoodie towel), but we have been calling Kate the Kate-Monster for ever. So, naturally, it was no surprise that our little monster developed an obsession a love for dinosaurs.

Some of the things she takes a liking to are no longer her favorites after about a month or so, but dinosaurs have stayed.  She will roar for you, loves to watch and sing to Dinosaurs Go Rawr, and can now say the word dinosaur.

When trying to plan out this Halloween, I knew she needed to be a dinosaur of some sort. I found something that might work at Costco, but they didn't have her size. I thought about making a costume- all I would need would be green pants and hoodie with taped on spikes or something.

Then I found out that Kid to Kid was unveiling all their Halloween costumes on Saturday. I had some things I wanted to sell anyway, so we went hoping to find something.

And for $8 we got it! (actually I didn't have to pay because of the store credit I got for selling old crib sheets and toys, but the price can't be beat)
OK, OK it's not a dinosaur... more of a dragon... but she doesn't know the difference. Kate absolutely LOVES it. She ran around the house in it and cried when I hung it up in her closet.

It fits her well, is easy on/off, and is actually the one we looked at last year at Old Navy (but decided against getting her a costume).

I cannot wait for Halloween.

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