Monday, October 24, 2011

Free & Easy Art for the Nursery

It's been hard on me trying to think about what kind of artwork I will make for baby stybs. Since we won't be finding out the sex, I can't paint its name or even initial. I don't want to make anything too girly or masculine either. So while I contemplate what to make I put something together that should totally work for baby.

I started with three frames I had in the basement guestroom (which isn't used much, so they won't be missed).
And I selected some art from the book "Creature", which Adam was given a while back. It was just collecting dust under our coffee table, and I got the OK from Adam to cut out some of the pictures.
The book is filled with amazing photographs of various animals (and bugs- eww). Not all of them would be appropriate for a nursery:
Heelllloooooo Mr. Monkey!
And not all of the pictures were the right size for the frames:
cute tiger cub was just too big :(
But I selected three that all work together: zebra, lion, and giraffe.
I'm not too happy that the animals are all facing the same way. It's like they're in a Beyonce video (to the left, to the left...) but Adam thinks it'll be ok. Once we get them hung on the wall, with other art/ accessories in the room, I'm sure it won't bother me anymore.

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