Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(Not) Keeping it a Secret

I'm posting my drafts that document my pregnancy so far. See part 1 here, Part 2 here, and Part 3 here.

Friday August 19

We told our parents last Friday. Adam called his mom on the way home from work, and we told my parents after dinner. Everyone is so excited. And while we were going to keep it just between us for now Adam's mom told one of her friends and my mom told a coworker because they are both so happy and excited. Adam and I talked tonight about when to tell other family members and close friends. I thought that since we had our next appointment a week from Tuesday (which I think I need to reschedule because it is the second day of school- oops) that I would be 9 weeks (or 10 if I reschedule for the following week) and that's not too far off from the end of the first trimester (when he wanted to tell people). Then we got into a discussion of 'why wait?' and 'it would be easier at work' and 'all different reasons for telling or not telling' etc...

We decided to go for it and tell family and close friends. The first call I made was to my sister. I asked her about the jewelry party coming up, then told her she could bring the glider down if she wanted (she had offered it a few weeks ago). All she said was "I don't think we're bringing the truck" and was completely oblivious to why I was asking her for it. I even said "you're not going to ask me why I'm asking about it?" Then she got it. She said she had a feeling but didn't want to text me or bother me. Which is funny because she texted me the day after I found out saying she had a dream I was pregnant with twins! So she is excited. And we plan on telling the rest of the family at my Grandmother's birthday party next Saturday. I'll also start telling friends this weekend and at school on Monday.
Baby Stybs' current size: Blueberry

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