Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bumps and Bruises

And scratches and scrapes.

Kate has fat  wide feet, and when I noticed her sneakers were getting a little snug, I went to Stride Rite to get her measured (figuring they would have a good selection of wide shoes). Yup, she was measuring bigger than the size shoes she was wearing.  So we looked around, tried on some sneakers, and picked out one to buy. It cost way more than if we just went to Target or Payless, but I figured she needed good quality,  durable shoes now that she is running.

Well, after only a month I need to replace her 'good quality, durable shoes'. The velcro is completely frayed and actually falling off the straps. One shoe has even fallen off of Kate's foot while she was walking.

And now Kate's knees are covered in scrapes. Maybe it's a coincidence, maybe it is because of the shoes, maybe her feet are growing too fast for her to adjust the way she walks. Either way I am annoyed that I have to replace shoes after 1 month.

I am so disappointed and frustrated. Adam encouraged me to write to customer service and request a refund or a replacement pair. They actually responded and said I could take them to the store for a replacement.

Though, we've been so busy and I already bought her new shoes at Payless, I don't know if we'll actually get back to the store for a while.

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