Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kate, 16 Months

There were a few posts I wanted to finish up before heading back to work last week, things we did over the summer, but I somehow didn't get them done.

Going to work this year was much easier than last year. I was at the same school, knew the team (and administrative expectations), and felt comfortable about my goals for the first week of school. Leaving Kate was also not as sad this year. It was no big deal to drop her off at my moms and come back 9 hours later. I was worried because she is so much more verbal, and learning something new every day, that I felt like I was going to miss some big things. But I enjoy getting back into the swing of things at school. It's nice to have a routine outside of the house.

Kate has been enjoying Grandma's house too. She is only taking one nap now, but she gets so excited with everything that she hasn't been napping very long. So when I get her home it's basically dinner, a little play time, reading books, and off to bed. She's been sleeping 7-7, so technically I should have plenty of time to workout, plan, and blog. But none of that is getting done- I forgot how tired I am during the first weeks of school- so this little blog has been neglected.

And here's my half- attempt of getting back on track.

Kate's favorites:

  • Timmy Time: she liked this before, but is now fascinated with it and asks for "Timmy?"
  • Curious George: It started with the stuffed George from Kohl's Cares (that she hugged so hard and ripped the tag off that i had to buy it), then I put on the show to see if she liked it. She laughed hysterically at it and now asks for "George!" and can even "ooh ooh" like a monkey.

  • Blueberries. I thought she loved strawberries, but then blueberries were in season and she cannot get enough. I try to limit her intake, but she will sometimes have a chunky blue diaper if you know what I mean...
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? I got the slide board version of this book a few years ago at the school book fair (intending to keep it in the classroom, not knowing I would be bumped to a higher grade) and Kate LOVES it. We read it every night (I try to preempt her 'Bown Bear!' screams). She loves sliding the boards and can say all the animal sounds, but I think her favorite part is the last page with the children. I have heard her 'reading' the book to herself and it is so cute.
  • Dinosaurs Go Rawr! We have Adam to thank for this one. He showed her the little 1 minute clip and she is obsessed. If she sees your phone or iPad she starts in with 'Rawr rawr rawr rawr!" because she wants to watch it. She also rawrs at everything now. I warn you, it will be stuck in your head.

  • Her new Play Kitchen. She is not fully interactive with it yet, but will wash her stuffed animals in the sink, pretends to blow bubbles from the spoons, and always goes for the phone.
  • The Park. we spend an hour when we go, but she could easily spend all day there.It's been fun watching her explore and build her motor skills, too. And yes, there is a dinosaur there too.

That's Kate in a nutshell right now. There's so much more I could go on and on about every little thing she says or does, but hopefully I will keep up and won't need to do another love list like this for a while.

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