Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Toddler Bed Saga

Ahh the toddler bed. Recommendations are to transition from the crib to a bed around 2-3 years. Well,  Kate is only 15 months but we got the toddler bed from my sister this summer, and we thought another baby was on its way, so we have been trying to introduce the bed as a place to sleep.

Kate loves playing on the bed.

But when it comes time to sleep on it.... well here's our first attempt:

She did not like it. So the next time, I laid down with her until she fell asleep and then snuck out. I have also placed her in the bed asleep after falling asleep in the car. I had a little better luck with these methods.

She will take a good 2 hr nap in the bed, which is great (except she has dropped her morning nap this week) but when she wakes up she doesn't sit and play she runs to the door crying.

What's funny is that Kate knows the bed is for sleeping. She will climb in it, say "night night" and lay down.. for about 2 seconds before popping up to continue playing.

Oh well, we will keep trying and hopefully she'll be in the bed full time before another baby joins our family.

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