Monday, August 12, 2013

Organizing Kate's Clothes: Round 2

I am beyond grateful to receive so many hand-me-downs from my sister, sister in law, and friend. Once Kate outgrows the clothes, they get boxed up and ready for another friend's little girl.
This sharing and generosity has made it so I hardly ever buy clothes for Kate, which could get expensive even with shopping the clearance racks and yard sales and consignment stores.

Before Kate was born, I organized all the clothes by size. It made it very clear what we had, when we needed to do laundry, and she was basically in one size at a time. And this worked for a while, until Kate started wearing multiple sizes, probably right around her 1st birthday. 

Then I switched up the drawers: one for socks, PJ's, and bibs; one for "outfits"; one for tops; one for bottoms; and the last for clothes that were too big. This worked ok, but I found myself only choosing Kate's clothes from the 'outfits' drawer, it was just easier. 

So I went through all her clothes again, packed up what didn't fit (she's basically wearing 2t right now, depending on the brand. we still have some 18 and 24 month pieces, the 3t is stored in the closet) and what I wouldn't dress her in (hello bandana scarf/rhinestone encrusted tutu dress). Then I matched up the tops with bottoms to make outfits. I do have some extra t shirts, jeans, and a lot of pink pants, but for the most part dressing Kate has become super easy. I can grab an outfit, and a coordinating one for the diaper bag, and we're done.

Her drawers are organized this way: top- socks, PJ's, bibs; 2nd- one piece outfits and shorts/short sleeved shirt combo; 3rd- short sleeves/ capris or pants and long sleeves/ pants; 4th- extra jeans, pink pants, and might-be-to-big-this-fall-so-they-aren't-matched-with-any-bottoms-yet long sleeve shirts; 5th- too big/ it's-too-hot-right-now footed PJ's.

This organization has helped so much. Now I just check the weather and choose an appropriate outfit and we are good to go. It has also helped me see what we have and realize I do not need to buy anything else for a long time, no mater how cute it is.

How do you organize your kids clothes?

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