Saturday, October 19, 2013


Kate has always loved Grover. He, however, as not shared the same feelings since she was able to move and squeal at him.
Adam and I are cat  people. We prefer cats to dogs, like their affection and that we can leave food out for a day or two and he'll be fine on his own.

We hate the fur that goes everywhere, and I hate cleaning the litter box, but we deal because Grover has always been a pretty good cat.

Until recently.

He started peeing on the carpet in the corner by Kate's toys.

We checked out what to do- put down foil and a cup of vinegar- and that worked. For maybe a month.

I brought Kate downstairs to play this morning and saw a nice yellow puddle of pee right beside the foil/vinegar.

I grew up with a cat who eventually started peeing on my mom's china hutch. My parents placed plastic sheeting/ foil/towels and sprayed urine gone  to manage the pee. Adam and I decided we would never do that. I loved my cat, but I did not like the smell.

So now, with Grover, we will probably get rid of him. Hopefully we can find a home, or if we take him to a shelter he will get adopted.

It's hard. We have had him for about 4 years. I was hoping the peeing was just a phase and he would be over it.

I wish there was something else we could do, but we will not be covering our house (And Kate's toys) in plastic and constantly cleaning up after his intentional 'accidents'.

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